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Meliah Rage- The Deep And Dreamless Sleep

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Meliah Rage - The Deep And Dreamless Sleep
Screaming Ferret Wreckords
More than 20 years after their formation, the Boston thrash band Meliah Rage are still doing their thing. Their latest incarnation includes all the original members except for vocalist Mike Munro. Paul Souzo has been their singer for the past few years and this album marks the return of original drummer Stuart Dowie.

On The Deep And Dreamless Sleep Meliah Rage showcases their thrash metal roots, but also incorporate power metal influences and some modern touches. They slow things down on some of the songs and have a darker, more sinister vibe, but really hit their stride on the fast thrash songs where the guitarists can really show their stuff.

The vocals on the album are a combination of melodic singing, more intense singing and some gang shoutalong choruses. The whole album is a nice mix of melodic and accessible tracks and more intense, harder edged songs. Meliah Rage has been relatively unknown over the years compared to some of their multi-platinum contempories, but their longevity proves they deserve some respect as well in the thrash metal genre.

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