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Mushroomhead - Savior Sorrow

About.com Rating 3.5 Star Rating


Mushroomhead - Savior Sorrow
Megaforce Records
Mushroomhead has had some upheaval in the past few years, but they are back with a new record label and a new vocalist, Waylon. The masked group from Cleveland continues their mix of metal, industrial and rock.

With a whopping eight members, Mushroomhead is able to create a very diverse sound. On Savior Sorrow you'll hear everything from slow ballads to radio friendly modern rock to depressing gothic to dissonant industrial to a hybrid of metal and hip-hop. Having two vocalists also helps the diversity. Waylon and Jeffrey Nothing do an excellent job on the melodic vocals and also combine for a variety of different pitched shouts and spoken word vocals and more aggressive singing.

Although there is a bit of filler in this album, it still has a lot of memorable hooks and catchy choruses. Mushroomhead is a band with a lot of range, and they showcase a lot of different styles and elements on this album.

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