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Nightwish - Highest Hopes: The Best Of Nightwish

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Nightwish - Highest Hopes: The Best Of Nightwish
Century Media Records
The acrimonious departure of Nightwish vocalist Tarja Turunen has been well documented, and the band continues to search for her replacement. In the meantime the Finnish band gives us a collection of their greatest hits.

Highest Hopes: The Best Of Nightwish has been out for quite a while in Europe, but finally gets a U.S. release through Century Media. With five studio albums under their belt there is plenty of material to choose from, and this is a very solid collection. Nightwish plays epic symphonic metal with mostly soaring female operatic vocals. There are some male vocals as well.

There's only one new track on this CD, a live version of Pink Floyd's "High Hopes," so if you're a hardcore Nightwish fan there's not much of a need to buy this. But for those unfamiliar with the band it's an excellent overview of their best material and a great introduction to Nightwish.

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