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Nightwish - Dark Passion Play

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Nightwish - Dark Passion Play

Nightwish - Dark Passion Play

Roadrunner Records
Nightwish and Within Temptation are both female-fronted gothic metal bands who have had massive success in Europe. They also both signed with Roadrunner Records in North America to try to crack the U.S. market. The big story with Nightwish has been the very public firing of vocalist Tarja Turunen, who was replaced by Anette Olzon.

On the Finnish band's new album Dark Passion Play, all eyes (and ears) are on Olzon, and she comes through. She has a more traditional singing voice, not the operatic style of Turunen. She doesn't have as much power, but sings with more emotion and expression. Bassist Marco Hietala also supplies male vocals on a few songs and does a good job.

The album opens with the 14 minute epic "The Poet And The Pendulum," which sets the stage. Nightwish's music is bombastic, symphonic and cinematic, with keyboards and strings creating a gothic atmosphere. There are also crunchy guitars that add heavy riffs and break off a solo once in a while. Dark Passion Play, whether loud and epic, or subdued and acoustic, is always very melodic with memorable choruses and a lot of hooks. Fans that thought Nightwish would go downhill after Turunen left are sadly mistaken. This is an excellent album that's right up there with the best the band has done.

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 5 out of 5
Stunning songwriter, Member Oldschoolveteran

Tuomas Holopainen is simply a fantastic songwriter, easily up there with the greats. Nightwish are a very rare band and very talented they were also blessed with a fantastic singer, Tarja Turunen (though she didn't contribute to the songwriting she is the greatest female singer in rock/metal ever, and fit this band like a glove, but the great Tarja was fired after making and touring for there masterpiece cd (ONCE). DARK PASSION PLAY is there follow up cd with Anette Olzen on vocals, Tuomas and the boys (and a girl) have knocked it out of the park again, though this cd is a touch more melodic (mainly because of Anette's beautifull voice) it is simply a fantistic cd. do not walk to the store to buy this cd...RUN.

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