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Origin - Antithesis

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Origin - Antithesis

Origin - Antithesis

Relapse Records
For their latest album, Origin has a new lineup. Gone are drummer James King and guitarist Clint Appelhanz. Former members John Longstreth (drums) and Jeremy Turner (guitar) have returned, giving Origin the same lineup as their 2002 Informis Infinitas Inhumanitas CD.

Antithesis is the band's fourth full-length CD, and another barrage of devastation. It's technical death metal played with precise musicianship. The songs are fast, brutal and intense with slicing riffs and punishing blast beats. Origin also adds some melody, which slightly tempers the extremity and makes the tracks much more memorable.

The guitar work and drumming on Antithesis are both really good. Origin also manages to keep the momentum going throughout the entire CD, and the final song is the 9 minute title track, which takes things out on a high note with an impressive display of power, aggression and groove.

(released April 1, 2008 on Relapse Records)

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