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Otep - The Ascension

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Otep - The Ascension

Otep - The Ascension

Koch Records
Otep's third full-length CD was supposed to be released several months ago. The promos had been sent out to magazines and websites, interviews were done, and everything was ready to go until the record company pulled the plug. Otep regrouped, found a new label in Koch Records, and the album finally sees the light of day.

The Ascension features new drummer Brian Wolff and new guitarist Karma Cheema (who has already departed the band and was replaced by Aaron Nordstrom) along with Otep and founding bass player Evil J. Mudvayne guitarist Greg Tribbett also co-wrote three songs on the album.

It's a diverse effort, ranging from gothic metal to industrial metal to nu-metal. There's also a cover version of Nirvana's "Breed," and Otep puts a harder edge on the song. Otep's vocals are also diverse. She goes from sweet melodic vocals to moderate spoken word vocals to rapping to angry screams. There are some really strong, powerful and catchy songs on The Ascension, but a few songs are '90s style nu-metal with rapped vocals that sound dated and do not work.

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