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Paradise Lost - In Requiem

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Paradise Lost - In Requiem
Century Media Records
The UK band Paradise Lost has been around for nearly 20 years now and are one of the pioneers of gothic metal. Over the years their style evolved from doom/death to a more electronic and commercial sound that drew a lot of fans but alienated some of their earlier followers.

In Requiem is Paradise Lost's 11th studio album, and they've reached a nice balance between old and new. It's heavier and more metallic than their recent efforts, and there's still a hint of electronica, but nothing too dramatic. The songs are dark and atmospheric with a lot of melody and catchy hooks.

When it comes to the vocals, Nick Holmes showcases a variety of approaches. He sings some edgier and harsher vocals that are Hetfield-esque, and also does a lot of very melodic singing and dips down into that lower register and sounds really goth on a couple of tracks.

Paradise Lost are a band that's influenced a lot of today's gothic metal groups, and with In Requiem have released their best album in a long time.

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