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Poison - Poison'd

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Poison - Poison'd
EMI Records
Back in 1986 Poison released their debut album Look What The Cat Dragged In and took radio and MTV by storm. With an androgynous look and good time music, they became the most popular hair band of the '80s. Over 20 years later they've sold 25 million CDs and had a string of hit singles.

Grunge killed hair metal in the early '90s, but hair metal artists from that era have returned and are selling out concerts across the country. The problem is that fans want to hear the classics and aren't really interested in new material. Cover songs are a different story. Last year Def Leppard had success with their covers album Yeah!, and Poison should have similar success with their latest release.

Poison'd collects several covers Poison has done in the past, but they've also recorded 8 new cover songs for this album. Fans had a say in the songs, as Poison solicited their input on the internet. There are artists covered here that you'd expect, such as Kiss ("Rock And Roll All Night") and The Rolling Stones ("Dead Flowers"), but there others that are more of a surprise, such as The Cars ("Just What I Needed") and The Romantics ("What I Like About You").

Some of the songs are faithful renditions, but on a lot of them Poison adds a different spin. For example, Alice Cooper's "I Never Cry" is very countrified, which isn't surprising considering frontman Bret Michaels has recorded several country songs. Poison'd is a fun album with a lot of catchy, recognizable songs, and whether you like them or not, is exactly what Poison has been delivering for 20 years.

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