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Poverty's No Crime - Save My Soul

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Poverty's No Crime - Save My Soul

Poverty's No Crime - Save My Soul

Inside Out Music
After releasing The Chemical Chaos in 2003, the German progressive metal band Poverty's No Crime decided to take a break. Four years later they are back together, re-energized, and have released a new CD.

Save My Soul is both progressive and melodic. Poverty's No Crime's sound has remained pretty similar to their past work. There's a nice balance between the guitars and keyboards, as each gets plenty of exposure. The songs on the album are sometimes grand and bombastic with heavy guitars and soaring vocals, other times more reserved with acoustic passages with vocals that reflect that mood.

The only down side to this album is that in addition to the several catchy and memorable songs, there are a few that aren't as engaging and fall a bit flat. Still, there are more hits than misses here, and fans of melodic prog metal will find a lot to like.

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