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Poison The Well - Versions

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Poison The Well - Versions
Ferret Records
It's been nearly four years since the last Poison The Well album, and the band's fans have been anxiously awaiting their latest effort. After one release on a major label the band has returned to an indie, this time Ferret Records. They ventured all the way to Umeå, Sweden to record their fourth studio CD.

When Poison The Well started, they were mainly a metalcore band. Their sound has evolved over the years, and with Versions there still are some metal parts, but many other genres are also represented. It's really a diverse album. Some songs have a definite metal vibe, while others are edgy modern rock. They also delve into doom metal territory and have a lot of very progressive and experimental sounds as well.

This is an album with a lot of texture and emotion. Jeffrey Moreira's vocals are mainly dark and angry, although the veil of darkness lifts periodically for some melodic vocals. If you're looking for a traditional metalcore album packed with breakdowns, this probably won't fit the bill. But if if you like it heavy, intense and eclectic, you'll find a lot to like on Poison The Well's latest album.

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