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Pyramaze - Immortal

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Pyramaze - Immortal

Pyramaze - Immortal

Locomotive Records
The third CD from Danish power metallers Pyramaze could have come with a lot of hype because of their new lead singer. Matt Barlow had been absent from the scene for a few years after exiting Iced Earth, and this was to be his triumphant return with a new band. But in between the recording of the album and its release, even bigger news was made as Barlow rejoined Iced Earth, making his tenure with Pyramaze most likely a brief one.

Immortal is traditional power metal with some progressive moments. The songs are powerful and melodic with singalong choruses and big hooks. Pyramaze also uses keyboards, but more for atmosphere and background, not as the primary instrument. Their restrained use of that instrument is a wise one in a genre where it is often very prominent.

The progressive elements also add a nice twist to Pyramaze's sound. It lets them experiment a bit, and they are able to showcase their musicianship. It never gets out of hand, as the songs are pretty focused and the longest one is only six minutes. Tempo and time signature changes help make the songs more interesting as well.

Barlow's addition to the band was a good one. He has a great voice, and his lower pitched tone fits in perfectly with Pyramaze's style. He can also belt out the high notes, and his vocal prowess is one of the more impressive parts of the CD. Power metal fans should enjoy Immortal, and if this ends up being Barlow's only Pyramaze CD, that will make it even more desirable.

(released June 24, 2008 on Locomotive Records)

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