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Salt The Wound - Carnal Repercussions

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Salt The Wound - Carnal Repercussions

Salt The Wound - Carnal Repercussions

Rotten Records
Salt The Wound hails from Cleveland, Ohio and have been together for over 6 years. They've had several lineup changes over the years and released an EP and a demo. This is their first full-length CD.

Carnal Repercussions has a lot of different influences, but if you had to give Salt The Wound a label, it would probably be deathcore. The songs have death metal riffs and numerous breakdowns, but also incorporate elements of thrash and even a hint of black metal. It's heavy, but also has a decent amount of melody and catchiness.

The vocals are also really diverse, ranging from death metal growls to pig squeals to hardcore style yelling. Salt The Wound does a nice job changing things up, going from slow and crushing to fast and groovy. Even though there are a few lulls, Carnal Repercussions will appeal to metalcore and deathcore fans.

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