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Six Feet Under - Commandment

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Six Feet Under - Commandment
Metal Blade Records
Six Feet Under are a very polarizing band, with legions of fans and a very vocal group of detractors. The band's latest album won't convert the haters, but fans will eat it up.

Commandment is a collection of very catchy death metal songs. They are crushingly heavy, but also have a great groove to them. Six Feet Under has found a formula that works well for them, and they stick to it on this album.

Chris Barnes' lyrics are about the usual topics: death, gore and destruction, and his cookie monster vocals are a little more understandable on this CD than some of the band's past work. When all is said and done, Commandment is a solid death metal album, not breaking any new ground, but following a tried and true path that fans of Six Feet Under know and love.

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