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Silentium - 'Amortean'

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Silentium - Amortean

Silentium - Amortean

Dynamic Arts Records
Silentium is a Finnish gothic/dark metal band that has been around since the mid '90s. They may not be familiar to North American fans, but Amortean is the band's fifth full-length CD.

Amortean has everything you'd expect in a gothic metal CD: lush orchestrations, bombastic riffs and plenty of atmosphere. The songs are dark and symphonic with sophisticated arrangements. Heavy dense guitar riffs give way to simple piano, then build back up to a crescendo.

Silentium incorporates some progressive elements into their sound as well, especially evident in songs like "The Fallen Ones With You Tonight." The nearly nine minute epic runs the gamut of tempos, textures and atmospheres, holding the attention of the listener throughout.

Riina Rinkinen is Silentium's vocalist. She has a crystal clear voice and sings with a lot of expression. She can hit high notes, but isn't operatic in style. There are some male vocals as well, both singing and screaming. That's pretty typical in gothic metal, but does provide a nice contrast.

Silentium is an accomplished band, and Amortean is filled with excellent songwriting, arrangements and musicianship. If you're a fan of gothic metal and Silentium isn't on your radar yet, they are worth checking out.

(released January 26, 2009 on Dynamic Arts Records)

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