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Six Feet Under - 'Death Rituals'

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Six Feet Under - Death Rituals

Six Feet Under - Death Rituals

Metal Blade Records
For the past fifteen years Six Feet Under has been one of the most commercially successful death metal bands. To put that in perspective, their entire catalog has sold fewer copies than one Jonas Brothers CD, but for an underground band they do very well.

Six Feet Under consistently delivers quality American death metal, and Death Rituals is no exception. SFU’s style is very recognizable, and they don’t deviate very far from that path. Mid tempo songs are crushingly heavy, but have ample groove and hooks.

There has been criticism of Six Feet Under that every album (and some say every song) sounds very similar, and while there’s no mistaking their sound, they do make an effort at injecting more diversity on Death Rituals. There are some really catchy songs, and even a ballad of sorts. “Crossroads To Armageddon” is a slow and sparse song with whispered vocals.

Chris Barnes’ death growls seem really high in the mix on this album, and his lyrics deal with the usual topics of death, death, death and murder. Like most Six Feet Under albums, Death Rituals will satisfy the band’s fans, but won’t silence their detractors.

(released November 11, 2008 on Metal Blade Records)

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