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Sodom - The Final Sign Of Evil

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Sodom - The Final Sign Of Evil

Sodom - The Final Sign Of Evil

SPV Records
German thrash veterans Sodom decided to revisit their early days on their latest album. Vocalist/bassist Tom Angelripper even brought back the band's original drummer Chris Dudek (Witchhunter) and guitarist Josef "Peppi" Dominic (Grave Violator) for this CD.

The Final Sign Of Evil is a re-recording of the band's 1984 EP In The Sign Of Evil along with several bonus tracks that were originally written for what was supposed to be a full album, not just an EP, but were never released. The production on the album was done by the band's webmaster, which is a unique choice. The album sounds as if it were recorded back in 1984. It is raw and dirty, but also very effective.

The songs from the EP hold up very well, and are pretty faithful to the original renditions. The newly released songs are also solid thrash with black metal influences. Angelripper's raspy vocals add plenty of menance and evil to the mix. Sodom definitely made the right choice in not polishing and shining up the songs to make them sound modern. They were written over 20 years ago, and The Final Sign Of Evil makes it sound that way.

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