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Static-X - Cannibal

About.com Rating 3.5 Star Rating


Static-X - Cannibal
Reprise Records
Static-X's debut in 1999 was excellent, but since then their albums haven't measured up to their first one. Until now. Their fifth album is a return to form and may just be their best album to date.

On Cannibal, Static-X hasn't strayed from their core sound, but everything has improved. They combine thrash style guitars with industrial beats and samples. It's metal you can dance to. The arrangements are a little heavier on the guitars, which is good. There are some really good riffs and solos on this album, and the songs are simple, yet very effective. It's a very focused release.

Wayne Static's vocals are high pitched yells filled with anger and emotion. He also does a little semi-melodic singing that's just as intense, just not as high pitched. Cannibal will please longtime fans of Static-X and may draw in a whole new generation of fans.

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