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Svartsot - Ravnenes Saga

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Svartsot - Ravnenes Saga

Svartsot - Ravenes Saga

Napalm Records
When looking at a metal band's lineup and see that they have a mandolin, whistle and bodhran player, you can be pretty confident that they are a folk metal band. In Svartsot's case that is true, but the Danish band is anything but a typical folk metal group.

Their debut release is Ravnenes Saga, which translates to "saga of the ravens," and takes inspiration from Odin's ravens Hugin and Munin (thought and memory). Svartsot has elements of folk metal, including the aforementioned instruments and some uptempo, party like songs.

But they also have a darker element, including heavy guitars and death metal style vocals that adds an air of menance to their songs. Claus B. Gnudtzmann has a very low pitched cookie monster growl, and throws in a few higher pitched black metal screams as well. The lyrics are all in the band's native Danish. Svartsot's combination of raucous folk and more extreme elements makes for a promising debut album.

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