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The Melvins - A Senile Animal

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The Melvins - A Senile Animal
Ipecac Recordings
The long running and very influential Washington band The Melvins are also very prolific, having released nearly a CD a year during their 20 year existence. They've had many lineup changes over the years, and on this release they've added Big Business bassist Jared Warren and drummer Coady Willis to the mix of guitarist Buzz Osborne (King Buzzo) and drummer Dale Crover. So now in addition to having two drummers, all four members also do vocals on the album.

A Senile Animal is the best thing The Melvins have done in a while. The album is a nice mix of short, straightforward and catchy songs along with longer, more experimental and unusual tracks. They put the two drummers to good use, making for a complex and dense rhythm section. The band's trademark sludgy and dark guitar sound is as grungy as ever, and another benefit of having so many vocalists is the addition of some excellent harmonies.

The Melvins are a band that's hugely underrated. They've flown under the commercial radar for two decades, but have influenced countless bands in the Northwest and elsewhere, including Nirvana's Kurt Cobain. Their latest release proves they're still a force to be reckoned with.

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