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Trigger The Bloodshed - 'The Great Depression'

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Trigger The Bloodshed - The Great Depression

Trigger The Bloodshed - The Great Depression

Metal Blade Records
After a lackluster debut, Trigger The Bloodshed comes back with a vengeance on their sophomore album, The Great Depression. This time around, the band has a new vocalist and bassist in its ranks, and a shift in sound from grind/deathcore to technical death metal ala Suffocation and Nile. The United Kingdom quintet tears a hole through the listener’s skull with 34 minutes of sheer violent brutality, with some slower melodies included to add some much-needed variety.
Purgation was a disappointing album; relentless, but a one-trick pony that got old very quickly. The Great Depression has a more structured vibe to it, a result of maturing songwriting abilities. Trigger The Bloodshed wisely slows the pace down at key moments in “The Dead World” and “The Infliction Of Tophet” to help build atmosphere, something they failed to accomplish on Purgation.

The energy and aggression are still in full force, with songs like the title track, “Terminus” and “Sanctuary Of The Wretched” kicking the listener in the face with buzz-saw guitar riffs, pummeling drum work, and heavy thumping bass. The breakdowns are kept to a minimum, another welcoming transition from their over-usage on Purgation.

Drummer Max Blunos was the highlight of their debut album. Yet again, he steals the show on The Great Depression with perfectly-timed fills and quick feet work. His performance proves that he is one of the best young drummers in metal today. The guitar work is decent, but the brief solos in a few later tracks are sub-par. Vocalist Jonny Burgan has a stronger voice than his predecessor and sounds at ease with his harsh growls.

The Great Depression is a step forward in almost every aspect. Only a year has passed since Purgation, but The Great Depression shows a marked improvement in the band’s musicianship and songwriting. Everything seems to be finally clicking with the band, a hopeful sign that their magnum opus might still be on the horizon.

(released April 14, 2009 on Metal Blade Records)

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