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Type O Negative - Dead Again

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Type O Negative - Dead Again
SPV Records
It's been about four years since we've had a new studio album from Type O Negative, and their latest release showcases their strengths. The songs on Dead Again are truly epic, with many tracks over 7 minutes and one song that's over 14 minutes long.

Type O Negative are a very versatile band. On this album some songs are slow, gothic dirges; others doomy, sludgy and midtempo; and a couple are faster with a punk/thrash vibe. All the songs have that element of darkness. Vocalist Peter Steele is in fine form. You'll hear his trademark deep baritone croon, but also regular style singing and some angry and aggressive vocals. He also injects a lot of dark humor into his lyrics.

Dead Again is a very ambitious undertaking, and it succeeds. And even though most of the songs are really long, it's actually quite accessible. The songs are well-written, and Peter Steele sounds really good. Type O Negative seems rejuvenated with this album, one of their best in many years.

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 5 out of 5
, Member jonmux

Dead Again (SPV Records, 2007) is the seventh and last album of the career of Type O Negative. It took four years to the long-haired quartet of jokers from Brooklyn to publish it after the superb Life Is Killing Me (Roadrunner, 2003) -quite premonitory the titles of the last two albums of the band before the death of it´s frontman Peter Steele in 2010-, but the wait did worth it, absolutely. From the opening “Dead Again” -a song full of adrenaline and with tons of hilarious lyrics that are so characteristic of Peter Steele´s songwriting- to the last and epic “Hail And Farewell To Britain” the fortunate listener will be able to enjoy ten songs that show Type O Negative at it´s best. Songs with a clear Beatles influence like “Tripping A Blind Man” -wich includes a brilliant effect in Peter´s voice, an absolute delight for any rocker ears- or “September Sun” -with it´s Lennon alike piano intro and probably one of Type O Negative´s most delicate songs in their career-, tracks with some immense and clean guitar riffs like the first single “The Profits Of Doom” or “She Burned Me Down”, hilarious crazy hymns like “Some Stupid Tomorrow” or gorgeous 15 mins compositions like “These Three Things” make possible that we can define this album like the master piece of Type O Negative´s 21 year long journey. If we had to say something that is not that good about Dead Again, it would be that in some songs the intros are too long, but that´s just part of the Type O Negative brand and it´s something that contributes to create the appropriate ambience to get into the song. To sum up, listening to Dead Again five years after it´s release is a mix of the absolute delight of listening to it and the pity of knowing that it is not going to have continuation due to Peter Steele´s death. At least we have the consolation that we will find him playing and partying in the other world together with Bon Scott, Hendrix and all the other rock legends just like he sings in “Halloween In Heaven”.

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