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Tyr - Land

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Tyr - Land

Tyr - Land

Napalm Records
Now that they've released three albums, Tyr has proven that they are the most successful metal band from the Faroe Islands. Of course they are the only metal band from the Faroe Islands, but no matter where they originated, they would be doing well.

Land shows that although they play in the pretty crowded genre of folk/Viking metal, Tyr has a sound all their own. They are versatile, able to go from rousing battle songs full of energy to a darker and more ominous vibe. There are some really epic songs on this CD, with a couple over 10 minutes long. Those highlight Tyr's progressive tendencies and also allow them to showcase their musicianship, especially on guitar.

A good percentage of the lyrics on the album are in Faroese, and they tell traditional tales of Tyr's native land. There are also Norwegian and English lyrics. Tyr has quickly made a name for themselves in the folk/Viking metal genre, and Land will continue their ascent.

(released June 10, 2008 on Napalm Records)

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