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Tyr - Ragnarok

About.com Rating 4 Star Rating


Tyr - Ragnarok
Napalm Records
After recently rereleasing their 2003 CD Eric The Red, Tyr returns with a brand new album. Ragnarok gets off to a shaky start with a five minute instrumental followed by the forgettable "The Hammer Of Thor," but Tyr quickly rights the ship and the rest of the CD is excellent Viking/folk metal.

Ragnarok is an epic album that tells tales of Scandinavian mythology and valiant battles. The songs are melodic and bombastic with excellent guitar work and Viking choruses. In addition to English, Tyr sings in Faroese, the language of their native Faroe Islands. Heri Joensen's emotional and soaring vocals perfectly fit the style and subject matter of Tyr's music. Fans of folk and Viking metal will find a lot to like about this CD.

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