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All That Remains - The Fall Of Ideals

About.com Rating 4.5 Star Rating


All That Remains - The Fall Of Ideals
Prosthetic Records

The Bottom Line

A quantum leap forward that combines many different styles of metal.
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  • Diverse songs and vocals.


  • None.


  • Released in North America July 11, 2006 on Prosthetic Records.
  • Produced by Killswitch Engage's Adam Dutkiewicz.
  • This is the band's third full-length CD.

Guide Review - All That Remains - The Fall Of Ideals

Once a band has been around for a while, they find their level and generally stay there. All That Remains has been together for nearly a decade and their level was as a decent metalcore band. With their third album they have shattered those expectations and risen to an entirely new level. Whether this album is the perfect storm where everything came together or they continue at this high level remains to be seen, but they hit a home run with The Fall Of Ideals.

All That Remains have broadened their style and on this album you'll hear everything from thrash to death metal to traditional metal to metalcore. The songs have tons of melody and memorable riffs, but also gallop along at maximum intensity. The dual guitars shine with crunchy leads, intricate interplay and creative solos.

The person who has made the biggest quantum leap on this album is vocalist Phil Labonte. He showcases many different styles, including death metal growls, black metal style rasps, hardcore yells and surprisingly good melodic singing. With the quality of this CD and their slot on Ozzfest 2006, All That Remains is poised for big things.

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