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Brutal Truth - 'Evolution Through Revolution'

About.com Rating 4.5 Star Rating


Brutal Truth - Evolution Through Revolution

Brutal Truth - Evolution Through Revolution

Relapse Records

The Bottom Line

Triumphant return by grind legends Brutal Truth.
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  • Too many to mention.


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  • Released April 14, 2009 on Relapse Records.
  • This is Brutal Truth's first studio album since 1997.
  • The band originally formed in 1989.

Guide Review - Brutal Truth - 'Evolution Through Revolution'

Dusting off beloved bands is a tricky proposition. The result is often a horrible new album that people pretend to like because of fond memories or a reunion tour. Brutal Truth – always an exception to nearly any rule about music or metal - proves they are also an exception to the comeback rule. The brash, experimental and multi-faceted Evolution Through Revolution deserves a place next to the band's classic '90s albums and will likely be joining many year end best-of lists.

Brutal Truth has never been afraid to take risks with their hybrid grind and they throw caution to the wind on their first studio album in more than a decade. Almost every song on this album is packed with disparate elements that in lesser hands would end up on the cutting room floor.

“Sugardaddy” lurches forward with propulsive guitar work; a minute-and-a half later it dovetails into a glorious fist-pumping riff. “Turmoil “ is so fast it appears on the verge of collapsing on itself. “Get A Therapist Spare The World” starts with a funky passage, races to a grinding frenzy, then slows down into a doom lick.

“Semi Automatic Carnation” is mad-scientist experimental. You’d need a thesaurus to adequately describe what Brutal Truth does in a lot of these songs, so the answer in the words of drummer Rich Hoak is to just “grind like that.”

Fresh blood certainly helped. New guitarist Erik Burke is all over the CD, strumming in time with Hoak’s third-dimension drumming or throwing dissonant passages with reckless abandon. Kevin Sharp’s vocal delivery changes to match each song. Dan Lilker’s bass, accustomed in recent years to Nuclear Assault’s thrash, is fluid and playful. Even more staggering is that they are playing this album from beginning to end in their live shows. Grindcore has just inched forward again on the evolutionary ladder. Welcome back, Brutal Truth.

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