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Kampfar - Kvass Review

About.com Rating 4 Star Rating


Kampfar - Kvass Review
Napalm Records

The Bottom Line

Norwegian black/folk/pagan/Viking metal.
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  • Good mix of black metal styles.


  • Some of the songs become monotonous.


  • Released in North America June 6, 2006 on Napalm Records.
  • Produced by Rune Jorgenson.
  • Recorded at Silvertone Studio in Gamie Fredrikstad, Norway.

Guide Review - Kampfar - Kvass Review

It's been seven years since Kampfar's last album, and the Norwegian group has returned with a vengeance. Their last effort is only 6 songs, but each song is a black metal epic clocking in between 6 and 10 minutes long.

Kampfar plays at a slower pace than a lot of black metal bands, and by doing that manage to be even more dark and crushing. They have the rawness and edginess that this genre needs, but they also mix in plenty of melody. You'll hear some folk metal influences as well, but they use it to add a little spice to each song, not to overwhelm or distract with unusual instruments the original flow of the song.

The vocals are the usual black metal rasp, and are mostly in the band's native tongue with some English sprinkled in. If you're a fan of classic Norwegian black metal, you should really enjoy this album.

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