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Krisiun - Southern Storm

About.com Rating 4 Star Rating


Krisiun - Southern Storm

Krisiun - Southern Storm

Century Media Records

The Bottom Line

Brazilian death metal veterans Krisiun continue to improve, and unleash another potent slab of technical death metal.
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  • Brutal, but catchy.
  • Good guitar work from Moyses Kolesne.


  • Sepultura cover may polarize some fans.


  • Released August 5th, 2008 on Century Media Records.
  • Southern Storm is Krisiun's seventh studio CD.
  • The CD was produced by Andy Classen, who also produced 2006's AssassiNation and 1999's Conquerors Of Armageddon.

Guide Review - Krisiun - Southern Storm

After 15 years as a band there aren't a whole lot of surprises. Krisiun, like most groups that have been around for a long time, have defined their sound pretty clearly. That doesn't mean they can't keep refining and improving that sound, and that's exactly what they've done with Southern Storm.

Krisiun delivers a potent brand of death metal with Southern Storm. The songs are diverse, with crushing riffs speeding up into frenzied solos. Subtlety and extreme metal don't usually go together, but listen closely and you'll hear small nuances that make these songs very memorable.

Drummer Max Kolesne is able to play the typical death metal blast beats at warp speed, but where he excels is playing drum patterns that are creative and help Krisiun have a distinctive sound.

The three brothers in Krisiun decided to cover a song from Sepultura, another Brazilian band with brothers (Max and Igor Cavalera). Their version of "Refuse/Resist" doesn't quite live up to the original, but it does it justice. Southern Storm cements Krisiun's status as one of the most consistent and consistently good death metal bands.

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