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OSI - Free

About.com Rating 3 Star Rating


OSI - Free
Inside Out Music

The Bottom Line

Atmospheric and experimental progressive metal.


  • Good musicianship and composition.


  • Songs not memorable.


  • Released in North America April 25, 2006 on Inside Out Music.
  • Album produced by band members Jim Matheos and Kevin Moore.
  • This is OSI's second album.

Guide Review - OSI - Free

OSI's lineup includes former Dream Theater and current Chroma Key member Kevin Moore on vocals and keyboards along with Fates Warning guitarist Jim Matheos. Those two did the songwriting and production on the album. They also brought aboard Dream Theater's Mike Portnoy on drums and Joey Vera (Armored Saint, Lizzy Borden, Fates Warning) on bass.

There are very few metal moments on this album. It's very mellow and progressive with the keyboard being the primary instrument. The songs are intricately constructed with a lot of ambient and atmospheric elements. There are a few metal guitar riffs scattered throughout the record, but they are pretty scarce.

Moore's vocals are very laid back and relaxed, which fit in perfectly with the atmospheric style music. This isn't one of those metal albums that hypes you up and makes you want to break stuff. It's one where you have to sit back, throw on the headphones, and appreciate the complexity and musicianship.

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