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Shadows Fall - Fallout From The War

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Shadows Fall - Fallout From The War
Century Media Records

The Bottom Line

Diverse modern metal.
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  • Good mix of originals, remakes and cover songs.


  • None.


  • Released June 13, 2006 on Century Media Records.
  • Produced by the band and Zeuss (Hatebreed, God Forbid).
  • This is the band's fifth CD.

Guide Review - Shadows Fall - Fallout From The War

After selling a ton of albums, being nominated for a Grammy and playing the main stage at Ozzfest, Shadows Fall is moving onward and upward to a major label. This is their final release for Century Media, and consists of three cover songs along with songs that were started but never completed during the sessions for The War Within. There are also a couple of songs that are re-recordings of vintage or rare material.

Even though some of the material is recycled, this is no throwaway album. The new songs are really good and showcase Shadows Fall's ability to mix American style aggression with European style melody into a very appealing package.

The band picked two of the cover songs to pay tribute to bands that they were influenced by coming up. One is by the New York hardcore band Leeway, and the other was originally done by Only Living Witness, a Boston band. The third cover song is "Teasn' Pleasn'" from the hair metal band Dangerous Toys. Jason McMaster from the band does vocals on the song along with Brian Fair.

This is a well rounded album. It covers serious topics like all the natural disasters of the past few years, and also has a lot of fun with the cover songs. Shadows Fall is one of the most successful American metal bands, and this album shows you why they are.

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