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Tyr - Eric The Red

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Tyr - Eric The Red Napalm Records

The Bottom Line

Diverse Folk/Viking metal from the Faroe Islands.
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  • Interesting combination of styles and lyrics in different languages.


  • None.


  • Released in North America April 25, 2006 on Napalm Records.
  • This is a re-release of their 2003 album.
  • This is their second full-length CD.

Guide Review - Tyr - Eric The Red

This is the best metal album I've ever heard by a band from the Faroe Islands. Of course Tyr is the only band I've ever heard from the Faroe Islands, which are located in the North Atlantic between Scotland, Iceland and Norway. Regardless of where they're from, this is still a very good Viking/Folk Metal album.

The lyrics are sung in English, Faroese and Danish. The topics cover Faroese and Norwegian lore, but they also throw in a cover version of the traditional Irish song "The Wild Rover," which comes out of left field but really works.

The songs on the album are flawlessly constructed and very diverse, ranging from slow, dreamy ballads to doom and progressive influenced mid-tempo songs to more intense metal tracks. Heri Joensen has a good voice that is very distinctive, and many of the choruses are layered with numerous background vocals that adds a sense of atmosphere.

If you're a fan of Viking, folk or pagan metal and missed this one the first time around, it's a worthwhile addition to your library.

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