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Nile, Immolation, Krisiun, Dreaming Dead and Rose Funeral Concert Review

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Dreaming Dead Guitarist Laura Christine

Dreaming Dead Guitarist Laura Christine

Dave Schalek/About.com
The death metal bill of the year thus far roared through the House Of Blues in West Hollywood, California on February 2, 2010. Perhaps the best death metal band in the world, Nile, are just beginning their touring cycle in support of their monstrous recent release Those Whom The Gods Detest, and providing strong support were highly regarded death metal bands Immolation and Krisiun. Rounding out the bill were Dreaming Dead, an up and coming death metal band from Los Angeles, and deathcore outfit Rose Funeral.

Rose Funeral

Due to insanely lousy traffic (what a time to start road construction on the Sunset Strip), I only caught the last couple of songs from Rose Funeral. A totally generic deathcore band that was horribly out of place on this bill, Rose Funeral elicited no reaction from the few people that bothered to show up early. Indescribably awful.

Dreaming Dead

Dreaming Dead have garnered quite a bit of notice with their recent debut EP Within One. Hailing from Los Angeles, Dreaming Dead are fronted by vocalist/ guitarist Elizabeth Schall Elliot and second guitarist Laura Christine, formerly of Warface and Meldrum. Make no mistake: these ladies can really shred it up as Dreaming Dead roared through a great, long set that was well received by the crowd. Granted, Dreaming Dead are local heroes and have an obvious following here in Los Angeles, but this is a talented band that is just beginning to make an impact. I expect great things from a debut full-length from Dreaming Dead.


Krisiun Vocalist/Bassist Alex Camargo

Krisiun Vocalist/Bassist Alex Camargo

Dave Schalek/About.com
Krisiun need no introduction and, under different circumstances, could easily have headlined their own major tour. Krisiun are an absolute machine in a live setting, and are one of the few bands that I’ll go to see every time that they roar through Los Angeles. As expected, Krisiun hit a number of highlights from AssassiNation and Southern Storm, including a few of my personal favorites in “Vicious Wrath” and “Refusal”. Krisiun put in a powerful performance with excellent sound, and are always a tough act to follow.


Scene veterans Immolation were up next, and have a brand new album Majesty And Decay soon to be released on Nuclear Blast Records, Immolation are extremely heavy and incorporate a great deal of time changes into their aural assault. I’ve always found Immolation to be an excellent band on record, and they crush in a live setting with presence and sound. A rather unique band built around non-traditional song structures, I usually find that the band’s older, more straightforward material translates very well into a live setting. This time around, set highlights were “Burial Ground” (in homage of Gene Hoglan, who was in attendance), and “Father, You’re Not A Father”.


Nile prove, once again, that they’re probably the best death metal band on the planet. Absolutely spot on musicianship, a huge sound, and professionalism are hallmarks of Nile, a band that obviously enjoys what they’re doing on stage. Playing a long set covering their entire discography, Nile were enthusiastically received by the jam-packed HOB crowd. Set highlights included “Sarcophagus,” “Cast Down The Heretic,” “Execration Text” and others too numerous to count.

From the opening atmospherics of “Kafir” to the closing moments of “Black Seeds of Vengeance,” Nile just dominated the stage, and left no doubt that they’re at the top of the death metal heap. After the set’s conclusion, Karl Sanders dropped into the audience and shook hands, chatted, and took photos with everyone he could. A masterful performance, and Nile are a band not to be missed.


Yes, the economy is bad and most everyone has had to cut back, tighten belts, and pinch pennies in order to make various ends meet. However, the price of admission for this show is more than well worth the cost, and I highly encourage everyone to go out and see this tour before its conclusion. It’s not often that three giants of death metal appear on the same bill.
Nile Vocalist/Guitarists Karl Sanders and Dallas Toler-Wade

Nile Vocalist/Guitarists Karl Sanders and Dallas Toler-Wade

Dave Schalek/About.com
Disclosure: A record company provided free access to this concert for review purposes. For more information, please see our Ethics Policy.
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