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Divine Heresy - 'Bringer Of Plagues'

About.com Rating 3.5 Star Rating
User Rating 4 Star Rating (1 Review)


Divine Heresy - Bringer Of Plagues

Divine Heresy - Bringer Of Plagues

Century Media Records
Divine Heresy have only been around for a few years, but have already had their share of drama. The band was formed by guitarist Dino Cazares (Fear Factory), and their debut Bleed The Fifth was released in 2007. After the acrimonious departure of vocalist Tommy “Vext” Cummings, the band returns with a new singer for Bringer Of Plagues.
Bringer Of Plagues kicks off with the appropriate named “Facebreaker,” an intense dose of extremity that starts with flailing blast beats and a primal scream before getting into more of a groove. “The Battle Of J. Casey” has galloping thrash riffs and more of a melodic feel. A symphonic interlude gives way to more brutality with the title track, and the rest of the CD continues in the same vein, with a combination of intensity and melody.

Divine Heresy has a lot of metalcore and deathcore elements in their sound, but also thrash, modern metal and death metal. Cazares has a distinctive guitar sound, and his riff writing is top-notch. Drummer Tim Yeung is prominently featured on Bringer Of Plagues, with double bass and blast beats high in the mix.

Travis Neal of the Swedish band The Bereaved is Divine Heresy’s new vocalist. He alternates angry yells and impassioned screams with melodic singing. The hardcore style screams are effective, delivered with emotion and conviction. It fits right in with the band’s sound. His melodic singing isn’t as strong, but he does a credible job on the ballad “Darkness Embedded,” which is almost all melodic singing.

Bringer Of Plagues is pretty similar to their debut in both style and quality. Divine Heresy didn’t lose a step by bringing in Neal, and his harsh vocals are actually a bit stronger than his predecessor’s.

(released July 28, 2009 on Century Media Records)

User Reviews

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 4 out of 5
Bringer of Plagues, Member Craminum

The band is back with a new album! I really liked their first album Bleed the Fifth and was disappointed to hear that vocalist had departed. Still eagerly anticipating the new album I got it on the day of release. It is awesome! I would say the style of music is something you all will have heard before. There is nothing groundbreaking here, except possibly how good the new vocalist is. His sound, to me, is surprisingly similar to the vocalist of AHC - American Headcharge whom I also enjoy listening to. The drums are tight, riffs are as good as their first album (even a little better) and the sound of the album varies a bit more than Bleed the Fifth. Facebreaker: Lets you know what the album is about from the get go. I'd say this song has a more reminiscent sound to what Bleed The Fifth was like. The battle of J.Casey: good rhythmn, melodic, a nice solo Undevine Prophecies into Bringer of Plagues: A great intro followed by some fast drumming and screams. Dino with his signature sounds. I can see many circle pits to be had with this one. Redefine: This one is solid. The first half of the song mixes a fast pace drum beat with some singing and screams in the chorus. Exactly mid way the song slows down with a riff which will make anyone want to jump around headbanging...then nicely takes you back to the pace of the beginning. There are elements of this song that remind me of Strapping Young Lad. Anarchaos: I love the tone of this song. Very heavy. Monotholic doomsday devices: I like all the songs on the album, this one is perhaps a little more average in sound. It's good but there is nothing that makes me want to listen to it more than three times in a row. Letter to Mother: Great song. If you were to introduce a friend to Divine Heresy which lets you know what to expect this song meets a lot of the criteria...but then, so does Redefine. Enemy Kill: Another crowd mover, with a chorus that people will sing along to. Darkness Embedded: Slow down, its time a for a breather with this track. A welcome song to relieve the whiplash before the finale of the album. The End Begins: The song title is fitting. In case you had fogotten that the plague is coming...well with this one it's hear now. The song vocalising how nightmares have materialised and a ""sad sounding"" end how we're all dying. Eek! But its not over... Forever the Failure: Possibly my favourite song on the album. If you've followed me this far...stop reading now! Go and buy the album :)

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