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Dark Tranquillity Profile


Dark Tranquillity

Dark Tranquillity

Century Media Records

Dark Tranquillity:

One of the pioneers of the Gothenburg sound, Dark Tranquillity has become one of the most influential melodic death metal bands of the 90’s. Dark Tranquillity has always gone down their own path, with clean vocals, female guests, and a strong melodic approach taking center stage in the band’s core sound.

Early Days:

Dark Tranquillity was formed in 1989 as a thrash metal band. Over a period of four years, the band evolved their sound to one that is more in line with melodic death metal. 1993’s Skydancer was the band’s debut album, and only one that featured In Flames vocalist Andres Fridén on lead vocals. Fridén would leave and Mikael Stanne moved from rhythm guitar to the vocalist spot.

Pioneers Of The Gothenburg Sound:

1995’s The Gallery would become a major release for the development of the Gothenburg sound. Along with In Flames and At The Gates, Dark Tranquillity grabbed the flag and led the sound into the forefront of metal music in the mid '90s. 1997’s The Mind’s I continued in the same direction, and the band began to gain popularity amongst the underground metal community.

A New Direction:

On their fourth album Projector, Dark Tranquillity introduced more clean vocals and piano work. Softer than their previous efforts, the fans' reaction was mixed on the new sound. 2000’s Haven abandoned most of the clean vocals and edged the band towards a heavier direction, one that would continue on 2002’s Damage Done.

Present Day:

2005’s Character was one of the band’s most aggressive albums to date, with a head-on approach that fans praised. 2007’s Fiction introduced clean and female vocals back into the mix, while retaining the band’s sound of the past couple of albums.

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Current Dark Tranquillity Band Members:

Mikael Stanne - Vocals (In Flames, Hammerfall)
Niklas Sundin - Guitar (Hammerfall)
Martin Henriksson - Guitar
Anders Jivarp – Drums
Martin Brändström – Keyboards, Programming

Former Band Members:

Anders Fridén - Vocals (1991-1993)
Fredrik Johansson - Guitar (1993-1998)
Michael Nicklasson - Bass (1998-2008)
Daniel Antonsson - Bass (2008-2013)

Dark Tranquillity Discography:

1993 Skydancer (Spinefarm)
1995 The Gallery (Osmose)
1997 The Mind’s I (Osmose)
1999 Projector (Century Media)
2000 Haven (Century Media)
2002 Damage Done (Century Media)
2005 Character (Century Media)
2007 Fiction (Century Media)
2009 Yesterworlds (Compilation) (Century Media)
2010 We Are The Void (Century Media)
2013 Construct (Century Media)

Recommended Dark Tranquillity CD:

The Gallery
Dark Tranquillity’s second album is a brilliant release, a masterful collection of tracks that symbolize the influence that the Gothenburg sound had on metal. The tracks flow together well, and Stanne’s vocals are up-front and powerful. The acoustic work is tasteful and the duel guitars are subtle in their sonic attack. Opener “Punish My Heaven” is a fan favorite and “...of Melancholy Burning” is an underrated gem.

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