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Death - 'The Sound Of Perseverance'

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Death - The Sound Of Perseverance

Death - The Sound Of Perseverance

Relapse Records
Beginning with The Fragile Art Of Existence by Control Denied, Relapse Records is releasing the entire body of work from genre founding founder and artist Chuck Schuldiner. The first Death album to receive Relapse Records’ stellar treatment of Chuck’s legacy is the last album from Death, The Sound Of Perseverance.

Nothing more can possibly be said about the lasting legacy and importance of Chuck Schuldiner and his body of work, but if a reissue of such work can begin to emphasize that importance, Relapse Records has accomplished that with this repackaging of the album, available in a variety of formats and loaded with extras.

The promotional copy provided by Relapse Records contains two CDs and a detailed booklet with liner notes from Shannon Hamm, photographs galore, as well as the album cover artwork completely reworked by original artist Travis Smith. Smith also provides insight into his dissatisfaction with the original painting and his decision to rework the art with the Schuldiner estate’s blessing in his own liner notes.

Besides the full album in remastered form, the second CD contains demo material from two different stages in the album’s development, as meticulously described in the liner notes by Hamm. Hamm also provides insight into the intertwining of the conclusion of Death and the imminent construction of Control Denied as the 1990s drew to a close.

To be frank, a reviewer cannot really say whether or not a reissue is worth a repurchase from a listener who already has the original album. Usually, the album’s worth as such is wholly up to the listener. However, I can emphatically say that this reissue of The Sound Of Perseverance is seriously worthy of that consideration; kudos to Relapse Records for delivering a fine emphasis to the art of Chuck Schuldiner and Death.

(released February 15, 2011 on Relapse Records)

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