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Death Profile


Early Days:

Chuck Schuldiner formed the band in 1983. They were originally called Mantas. They changed their name to Death and recorded some demos. They were then signed to Combat Records. Schuldiner then moved from Florida to California and left the other members behind.

Birth Of A Genre:

Death's debut album Scream Bloody Gore was released in 1987. It was the evolution from thrash metal to death metal. Schuldiner then returned to Florida and rehired original drummer Rick Rozz.

Revolving Door:

Death went on to make several albums and were at the forefront of the Florida death metal scene that was so influential. There was no question Schuldiner was in charge, and there were numerous lineup changes over the years. Death disbanded in 1996 and Schuldiner reformed it in 1998 with a whole new lineup. Their last studio album was The Sound Of Perseverance.

Tragic End:

Schuldiner was diagnosed with a brain tumor in 2000. The music industry rallied to help raise money for his medical bills, but nearly two years he died at the age of 33. Even though his life was short, his musical legacy will last forever.

Band Members:

Here's a list of all band members, former bands and side projects:
Chuck Schuldiner - Guitars, vocals (1983-2001) (Control Denied) Died in 2001
Rick Rozz - Guitar (1983-1985,1987-1990) (Flo, Massacre, Shine)
Matt Olivo - Guitar (1986) (Dejecta, Repulsion)
John Hand - Guitar (1986)
James Murphy - Guitar (1990) (Agent Steel, Obituary, Solstice, Testament)
Albert Gonzalez - Guitar (1990) (Evildead, Rise)

Paul Masvidal - Guitar (1990-1993) (Aeon Spoke, Cynic, Master)
Bobby Koelble Guitar (1995-1996)
Shannon Hamm - Guitar (1996-2001) (Control Denied, Talonzfury)
Barney "Kam" Lee - Vocals, drums (1983-1985) (Abhorred Existence, Kauldron, Massacre, Soulskinner)
Eric Brecht - Drums (1985) (D.R.I., Hirax)
Chris Reifert - Drums (1986-1987) (Abscess, Autopsy, Doomed, Immortal Fate, Murder Squad, Nuclear Death, The Ravenous)
Bill Andrews - Drums (1987-1990)(Massacre, Metalucifer)
Sean Reinert - Drums (1991-1993) (Aeon Spoke, Aghora, Cynic)
Gene Hoglan - Drums (1993-1996) (Daemon, Dark Angel, The Devin Townsend Band, Old Man's Child, Opeth, Phantasm, Strapping Young Lad, Tenet, Testament, Wargod)
Chris Williams Drums (1996) (Talonzfury)
Richard Christy - Drums (1996-2001) (Acheron, Burning Inside, Control Denied, Iced Earth, Incantation, Leash Law, Spastic Ink)
Scott Carlson - Bass (1986) (Cathedral, Hushdrops, Repulsion, The SuperBees)
Terry Butler - Bass (1987-1990)(Massacre, Six Feet Under)
Steve DiGiorgio - Bass (1991) (Autopsy, Control Denied, Dark Hall, Dragonlord, Iced Earth, Sadus,Spastic Ink, Suicide Shift, Testament, Vintersorg)
Scott Carino - Bass (1991-1992) (Fester, Lowbrow)
Kelly Conlon - Bass (1995-1996) (Monstrosity, Vital Remains)
Scott Clendenin - Bass (1996-2001)(Control Denied, Talonzfury)


1987 Scream Bloody Gore (Combat)
1988 Leprosy (Combat)
1990 Spiritual Healing (Combat)
1991 Human (Relativity)
1992 Fate (Relativity)
1993 Individual Thought Patterns (Relativity)
1995 Symbolic (Roadrunner)
1998 The Sound Of Perseverance (Nuclear Blast)

Best Death Albums
The Top 5 albums by Death, as selected by About.com Heavy Metal.

Essential Album:

Death's fourth album saw them perfecting the style they pioneered. The songwriting and musicianship were at their peak with this album.

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