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Dimmu Borgir Profile


Dimmu Borgir
Nuclear Blast Records

Early Days:

The Norwegian band Dimmu Borgir was formed in 1993 by vocalist Shagrath, guitarist Silenoz and drummer/guitarist Tjodalv. They soon recruited bassist Brynjard Tristan and keyboardist Stian Aarstad to round out the band. The word Dimmu means foggy or dark and Borgir means castle or fortress.

First Releases:

In 1994 the band released an EP and their first full-length album, For All Tid. Their second album Stormblast was released in 1996. Dimmu Borgir's first two releases were in their native Norwegian, but after that they switched to English for their lyrics.


Their third album Enthrone Darkness Triumphant, was released in 1997. It was extremely successful, both commercially and critically, and moved Dimmu Borgir to the elite category of black metal artists. There were also several lineup changes during this period.

Black Metal Veterans:

In the past decade the band has released several albums, including Spiritual Black Dimensions (1999), Puritanical Euphoric Misanthropia (2001), Death Cult Armageddon (2003) and a 2005 release that re-recorded the songs from Stormblast. The band has drawn some criticism for becoming too commercial and mainstream for the black metal genre. Their latest album In Sorte Diaboli was released in 2007.

Lineup Changes:

In 2009, longtime members ICS Vortex (bass/clean vocals) and Mustis (keyboards) exited the band. Snowy Shaw participated in the recording of Abrahadabra, but soon returned to Therion. Daray (Vader) was the drummer on the album.

Current Dimmu Borgir Members:

Shagrath (Stian Thorensen) - Vocals, guitar, keyboards, drums (Astarte, Chrome Division, Fimbulwinter, Kamelot, Ragnarok, Starkness)
Silenoz (Sven Atle Kopperud) - Guitar (Kosmos Røst, Malefic, Nocturnal Breed)
Galder (Thomas Rune Andersen) - Guitar (Old Man´s Child, Dødheimsgard)
Daray - Drums (Vader)

Former Dimmu Borgir Band Members:

(does not include session or tour musicians)
Jens Petter - Guitar (1996-1997)
Astennu (Jamie Stinson) - Guitar (1997-2000)
Archon (Lars Haider) - Guitar (2000)
Simen Hestnaes (ICS Vortex) - Bass/Clean Vocals (1998-2009)
Brynjard Tristan - Bass (1993-1996)
Nagash (Stian Arnesen) - Bass (1997-1999)
Stian Aarstad - Keyboards (1993-1997)
Tjodalv (Kenneth Åkesson) - Drums (1993-1999)
Nicholas Barker - Drums (1999-2004)
Mustis (Øyvind Mustafarta)- Keyboards (1998-2009)

Dimmu Borgir Discography:

1994 For All Tid (No Colours Records)
1996 Stormblåst (Cacophonous)
1996 Devil's Path EP (Hot Records)
1997 Enthrone Darkness Triumphant (Nuclear Blast)
1998 Godless Savage Garden (Nuclear Blast)
1999 Spiritual Black Dimensions (Nuclear Blast)
2001 Puritanical Euphoric Misanthropia (Nuclear Blast)
2003 Death Cult Armageddon (Nuclear Blast)
2005 Stormblåst (re-recording of 1996 album) (Nuclear Blast)
2007 In Sorte Diaboli (Nuclear Blast)
2010 Abrahadabra (Nuclear Blast)

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