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Amorphis - Forging The Land Of Thousand Lakes Review

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Amorphis - Forging The Land Of Thousand Lakes DVD

Amorphis - Forging The Land Of Thousand Lakes DVD

Nuclear Blast Records
Forging The Land Of Thousand Lakes is a massive DVD/CD from the Finnish band Amorphis. It's the first concert DVD in the band's 20 year history, and the 2 DVD/2 CD collection is packed with bonus material.

The first DVD is a 2009 concert filmed in Oulu, Finland. They were supporting their Skyforger album, and 5 of the 16 songs are from that CD. The rest of the songs span their career. There are a couple of songs from the classic Tales From The Thousand Lakes, and a medley of tracks from 1996's Elegy.

The second DVD is their set at the 2009 Summer Breeze Open Air Festival in Germany. Even though 9 of the 12 songs are also played in the Oulu set, it's a completely different vibe. Oulu is a more intimate indoor show played in front of their fans in their home country. Summer Breeze is a big outdoor festival with a larger crowd of more non-partisan fans.

The second DVD also has a ton of bonus material. There's a documentary Tales From The 20 Years, which interviews past and present band members about the history of Amorphis. It's in Finnish, so you have to use the subtitles, but it's still an interesting bit of history. In addition to the documentary, there are nearly a dozen promo videos along with photos and video from a couple of TV appearances.

Forging The Land Of Thousand Lakes also has 2 CDs of the Oulu concert, with all the songs included. This collection is a must-own for Amorphis fans. The live shows are entertaining, and the documentary is a great behind the scenes look at the band.

(released August 10, 2010 on Nuclear Blast Records)

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