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L.A. Guns - Live In Concert DVD Review

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L.A. Guns - Live In Concert

L.A. Guns - Live In Concert

Deadline Records
L.A. Guns have had a long and sometimes confusing career. As one of the best-known glam or “hair metal” bands, their first three albums were extremely successful. 1989‘s Cocked & Loaded went platinum, and the other two went gold. The confusing part came when there were two different L.A. Guns for several years.

After Tracii Guns disbanded his version of L.A. Guns in 2012, the version fronted by vocalist Phil Lewis is the last one standing. It’s also the one featured in the DVD Live In Concert. It was filmed in 2012 at a show in Columbia, Maryland. The 9 songs in the set cover the band’s greatest hits including “Ballad Of Jayne,” “Rip N’ Tear” and “Never Enough.”

The band is still making new music as well, and two songs are from 2012's Hollywood Forever. The rest of the songs are from their first two records, except “Revolution" from their 2002 album Waking The Dead. One song I wish they would have done is “It’s Over Now” from Hollywood Vampires. Some fans might also miss “Kiss My Love Goodbye."

A nine song DVD would have been a little light on material, so L.A. Guns added a bunch of other extras. There are three recent music videos along with a documentary on the making of Hollywood Forever. The audio and video quality are both excellent, and although the crowd isn’t rabid, they seem to be enjoying themselves.

Lewis’ voice doesn’t have quite the range it once did. That’s especially evident on “The Ballad Of Jayne,” when he goes to a lower register and has the crowd sing part of the song. But his distinctive tone is still there and the rest of the band is rock solid.

As a fan of hair metal who saw L.A. Guns live back in the late ‘80s, it’s good to see them still around and playing the hits, but also having the desire to keep creating new music. In addition to the DVD, there’s also a bonus audio CD of the nine live songs. L.A. Guns fans will enjoy the mix of classic songs along with newer material and the documentary.

(released February 12, 2013 on Cleopatra Records)

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