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Decapitated - Human's Dust DVD

About.com Rating 3.5 Star Rating


Decapitated - Human's Dust

Decapitated - Human's Dust

Metal Mind Records
The Polish death metal band Decapitated was one of the rising stars in the genre when tragedy struck. The band's drummer Vitek was killed and vocalist Covan seriously injured in a vehicle accident when they were on tour last November. The release of new material should be a joyous occasion, but the release of Decapitated's first DVD is done with mixed emotions. It's great to see Vitek playing the drums and get to appreciate his skill, but very sad to realize he isn't with us any more.

The centerpiece of Human's Dust is a 2002 concert filmed in Krakow, Poland. That was when Sauron was the band's vocalist. In addition to that show, there is bonus footage of Decapitated's set at Ozzfest in Katowice in 2002 and their six song performance at the Metalmania Festival in 2004. There are also interviews with various band members and a music video.

The audio and video quality of the Krakow show is excellent. There are several camera angles, plenty of audience shots and good editing. Human's Mind is a DVD Decapitated fans will definitely want to get their hands on.

(released June 10, 2008 on Metal Mind Records)

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