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Hatebreed - Live Dominance DVD

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Hatebreed - Live Dominance

Hatebreed - Live Dominance

Koch Records
When it comes to passionate and engaged fans, most bands claim theirs are the best. Hatebreed is one of the bands that can actually make a legitimate case that theirs are. That's crystal clear when you watch this DVD.

Live Dominance captures Hatebreed live in concert at Harpo's in Detroit, Michigan. The connection between frontman Jamey Jasta and the crowd is obvious and palpable as they feed off each other. Frenzied pits and passionate crowd screamalongs amp up the energy level.

Hatebreed is a well oiled machine on stage, ripping through the 75 minute set as they release their pent up anger and aggression. The setlist covers a lot of ground as the band plays songs from the early days up through their latest CD.

In addition to the Detroit concert there's also a DVD of bonus material. It includes some behind the scenes footage, interviews with the band and extra live songs filmed in New York, Connecticut and Pennsylvania.

Live Dominance captures the energy, spirit, passion and connection between the band and the crowd. It also has excellent audio quality, and the video was shot in high definition. It's a must own if you're a Hatebreed fan.

(released September 2, 2008 on Koch Records)

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