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Iron Maiden - Live After Death DVD

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Iron Maiden - Live After Death DVD

Iron Maiden - Live After Death DVD

Universal Music
More than 20 years after it was first released on video, Iron Maiden's Live After Death is finally available on DVD. The concert was recorded at Long Beach Arena in California in 1984, and the original VHS came out back in 1985.

Live After Death is a double DVD. The first disc is the original concert, featuring Maiden classics such as "The Trooper," "Number Of The Beast" and "Run To The Hills." In addition to the original stereo mix, the audio has been remastered into 5.1 surround sound. It's a great concert, with vocalist Bruce Dickinson talking a fair amount between songs. Obviously the video quality isn't what it would be today, but for 1984 it's just fine.

The second DVD is packed with extras. There's a 60 minute documentary The History Of Iron Maiden Part 2, which chronicles the making of the Powerslave album and subsequent tour. There's another nearly hour long documentary Behind The Iron Curtain. It was shot during Iron Maiden's 1984 tour in Poland and other Iron Curtain countries during the height of the Cold War. It also has performances of 7 different live songs.

Speaking of live footage, another extra is highlights from Maiden's performance at the 1985 Rock In Rio festival in front of 300,000 fans. There are 8 songs from that set included here. You also get 15 minutes of interviews and live performance from a 1983 show in San Antonio, Texas along with other photo and video extras.

Live After Death is a great combination of concert footage and interesting documentary footage. It's a must own for Iron Maiden fans.

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