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Nightwish - End Of An Era DVD

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Nightwish - End Of An Era DVD

Nightwish - End Of An Era DVD

Nuclear Blast Records
There are several different versions of this concert that have been released during the past couple of years. There are DVD only editions, CD only editions and deluxe editions that include both the DVD and CDs. This review is of the DVD only that was released by Nuclear Blast America in November of 2007.

The End Of An Era was Nightwish's final concert with vocalist Tarja Turenen in 2005. It was recorded at Hartwall-Arena in Helsinki, Finland. After the show Tarja was fired from Nightwish. This DVD is a full concert of 18 songs lasting nearly 2 hours. Nightwish puts on a fantastic live show. Their music is complex and epic, and they have the crowd in the palm of their hand. Tarja is a charismatic frontwoman with a powerful voice.

As far as the setlist goes, nearly half of the songs are from 2004's Once. There are also covers of the Pink Floyd song "High Hopes," Gary Moore's "Over The Hills And Far Away" and Nightwish's version of "Phantom Of The Opera."

The extras on the DVD include a 55 minute documentary of the tour along with a photo gallery. The documentary A Day Before Tomorrow shows the band as they travel around the world on their 2005 tour. Knowing what happens at the end of the tour adds a bit of drama to the proceedings, trying to find moments of tension between the band and Tarja. However, the conversations in Finnish with no English subtitles are irritating for those who don't speak Finnish.

End Of An Era is a must own for Nightwish fans. My recommendation is for the deluxe edition with both the DVD and CDs. It is available for a little over 20 dollars U.S., which is a great price for all the material.

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