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Stream Of Passion featuring Ayreon - Live In The Real World DVD

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Stream Of Passion featuring Ayreon - Live In The Real World
Inside Out Music
Stream Of Passion's last album was put together via technology and sending pieces of music back and forth across the globe through the internet. After receiving some criticism for this practice they decided to prove they could translate that music to a live venue. The result is this DVD.

Stream Of Passion is a gothic metal band led by guitarist Arjen Lucassen that features outstanding female vocals by Marcela and Diana Bovio. Their harmonies are perfect and fit perfectly with the band's complex compositions. In addition, Damian Wilson sings lead on a couple of Ayreon songs.

The audio and video quality are top notch, with Dolby 5.1 that will get your stereo shaking. There is a huge amount of content on the DVD. In addition to the 19 songs there is a behind the scenes documentary, photo gallery, video clip, making of the video clip and tour diary. For gothic metal fans and Stream Of Passion fans this is an essential DVD.

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