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Evocation - Illusions Of Grandeur Review

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Evocation - Illusions Of Grandeur

Evocation - Illusions Of Grandeur

Century Media Records
Since 1991, Evocation have been showcasing their blend of melodic death metal and Swedish death metal. With three records behind them, their sound and identity is fairly well established.

Evocation’s fourth studio album and Century Media debut Illusions Of Grandeur is no different. Longtime fans will not be disappointed by the Swedish quintet’s new record, yet this album, while solid, does not do is move beyond the casting of its predecessors.

In fact, this record fits the mold too perfectly. Long time fans will not be disappointed if they were expecting another Evocation record. Yet this album, while solid, does not move beyond the casting of its predecessors.

What is impressive with this record is the wonderful twin guitar attack of Vesa Kettakumpu, and Marko Palmen. The Century Media debut is a great showcase for the two, best defined by the tracks “Perception of Reality” and “Into Submission.” With driving melodies and surging harmonies, the tracks embody everything that is great about Evocation’s sound.

Held strong by the rhythm section of Janne K. Boden, and Gustaf Jorde, and also backed by the growls of Thomas Josefsson, Illusions Of Grandeur never lets up in its intensity and grit. The production, the album art, and the unapologetic sound are done well on this record.

Yet, what Evocation does not do well on this record is challenge the norm. The reliance of the aforementioned twin guitar attack has allowed for a trap in Illusions Of Grandeur. My criticism stems from the fact that the record is more of the same, track after track.

There are no moments that showcase the band’s growth, thus no moments that give you the feeling of a band that wishes to push their sound with a new record. The flow of the record is predictable, and while that is exactly what long time fans ask for, it is not what others expect given the new interest in the band.

(released October 23, 2012 on Century Media Records)

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