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God Forbid Profile


God Forbid photo by Clay Patrick McBride
Century Media Records

Early Days:

God Forbid was formed in New Jersey in 1996 by vocalist Byron Davis, guitarist brothers Doc and Dallas Coyle, bassist John "Beeker" Outcault and drummer Corey Pierce. They quickly gained an underground following with mix of thrash metal and hardcore. Their debut album Out Of Misery was released in 1998, followed by 1999's Reject The Sickness.

A New Label:

With their fan base growing, the band was getting metal radio airplay on the east coast. That drew the attention of Century Media, which signed the band and released Determination in 2001. It was followed by 2004's Gone Forever.

Risk And Reward:

In 2005 God Forbid released IV: Constitution Of Treason, which was a concept album. The subject matter of an apocalpyse and its aftermath along with their usual crushing thrash riffs and combination of hardcore and melodic vocals was a resounding success. The album was named one of the best of 2005 by this site. After 2009's Earthsblood was released, guitarist Dallas Coyle left the band.

Former Band Members:

Dallas Coyle - Guitar, vocals (1996-2009)

Current God Forbid Band Members:

Byron Davis - Vocals
Doc Coyle - Guitar, vocals
Matt Wicklund - Guitar
John Outcalt - Bass (Womb)
Corey Pierce - Drums

God Forbid Discography:

1998 Out Of Misery (9 Volt)
1999 Reject The Sickness (9 Volt)
2001 Determination (Century Media)
2004 Better Days EP (Century Media)
2004 Gone Forever (Century Media)
2005 IV: Constitution Of Treason (Century Media)
2009 Earthsblood (Century Media)
2012 Equilibrium (Victory)

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