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Hatebreed Profile




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Hatebreed is a hardcore punk/metalcore band from New Haven, Connecticut. In its 15-year history, the band has gone on to critical and commercial success, selling over one million albums in the U.S., and being nominated for a Grammy in 2005 with the track “Live For This” from The Rise Of Brutality.

Early Years:

Hatebreed was formed in 1994 from the ashes of frontman Jamey Jasta’s previous band Jasta 14. Hatebreed signed with Victory Records, released their debut album Satisfaction Is The Death Of Desire, then signed with major label Universal Records. The band went on to achieve great success with their sophomore album Perseverance and third album The Rise of Brutality, with the latter reaching #30 on the Billboard charts.
Jamey Jasta has been working on several side projects since the release of the band’s 2006 album Supremacy, including hosting MTV’s “Headbangers Ball,” forming Kingdom of Sorrow with Down guitarist Kirk Windstein, and running independent label Stillborn Records.

If You Like Hatebreed, You Might Want To Check Out:

Biohazard, Sworn Enemy, Terror, Sick Of It All

Current Band Members:

Jamey Jasta - Vocals (Icepick, Kingdom Of Sorrow)
Wayne Lozinak - Guitar
Frank Novinec - Guitar
Chris Beattie - Bass
Matt Byrne - Drums

Former Band Members:

Sean Martin - Guitar (1999-2009)
Larry Dwyer Jr. - Guitar (1994-1996)
Matt McIntosh - Guitar (1996-1999)
Lou Richards - Guitar (1997-2002)
Dave Russo - Drums (1994-1996)
Jamie Muckinhaupt - Drums (1997-1999)

Hatebreed Discography:

1997 Satisfaction Is The Death Of Desire (Victory)
2002 Perseverance (Universal)
2003 The Rise Of Brutality (Universal)
2006 Supremacy (Roadrunner)
2009 For The Lions (Universal)
2009 Hatebreed (E1)
2013 The Divinity Of Purpose (Razor & Tie)

Recommended Hatebreed CD:

Satisfaction Is The Death Of Desire
Hatebreed’s first album is a modern-day hardcore classic in the eyes of many critics and fans of the genre. Satisfaction Is The Death Of Desire breezes by at a quick 26 minutes, but not a second is wasted and the band sounds at ease with their sound even at a young age. This is arguably Hatebreed’s only true hardcore punk album, as the band added metal elements to their trademark sound on later releases.

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