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Heavy Metal Artists, Styles and Genres


Information about and links to heavy metal artists and genres such as death metal, black metal, traditional metal, doom metal, progressive metal, gothic metal, grindcore and power metal.
  1. Heavy Metal 101
  2. Black Metal Artists
  3. Death Metal Artists
  4. Doom Metal Artists
  5. Folk Metal Artists
  6. Gothic Metal Artists
  1. Metalcore Artists
  2. Power Metal Artists
  3. Progressive Metal Artists
  4. Thrash Metal Artists
  5. Traditional Metal Artists

Heavy Metal 101

Basic information about heavy metal, including descriptions of various heavy metal genres.

Black Metal Artists

Traditional black metal is very raw and harsh with high screeching vocals and blasphemous lyrics. There are genres of black metal that are more melodic and symphonic.

Death Metal Artists

Death metal is brutal and intense with unintelligible "cookie monster" vocals. Melodic death metal originated in Scandinavia and incorporates more melody.

Doom Metal Artists

Doom metal is generally slow and epic with downtuned guitars. Stoner metal is a closely related genre.

Folk Metal Artists

Folk and Viking metal bands generally utilize some acoustic and other unusual instruments in addition to the traditional metal instruments. Nature is a strong influence to many folk metal bands.

Gothic Metal Artists

Gothic metal is a genre that generally has a dark atmosphere and many bands utilize a combination of female and male vocals.

Metalcore Artists

Links to bands in the metalcore genre, which combines heavy metal and hardcore.

Power Metal Artists

Power metal is very melodic and guitar oriented with soaring vocals. It's a very popular genre in Europe.

Progressive Metal Artists

Progressive metal uses complex song structures and extended instrumental parts. The vocals are usually melodic.

Thrash Metal Artists

Thrash metal was popularized in the early '80s by bands like Metallica. It's very guitar driven and played at a fast speed.

Traditional Metal Artists

Links to and information about traditional heavy metal, which is straightforward and melodic.

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