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Cryptopsy Interview

A Conversation with Drummer Flo Mounier




Updated November 15, 2012
After nearly universal negative response to their last album The Unspoken King, the Canadian death metal band Cryptopsy have returned to their roots for their new album, a self-titled effort they are releasing themselves. Former guitarist Jon Levasseur returned to the fold, and it's also the first album for new bassist Olivier Pinard. The band's founder and drummer Flo Mounier fills us in on all the changes.

Chad Bowar: You've had a couple member changes since your last release. How did Jon
 come to rejoin the band, and where did you find Olivier?
Flo Mounier: I called Jon late 2010 and he got back to me three months later and said "I'm ready, got lots of ideas, and lets just have fun." It was pretty much that simple. In early 2011 we started composing new material and had a blast doing it!

Oli was a suggestion from Chris (Donaldson, guitar) who had worked with him before and he just fit right in, awesome player.

How come there was over four years between albums?
Because there were times when the members at the time were not on the same page. It was tough getting together to practice and even tougher to write songs. We also had work to do to finish the contract with Century Media.

What was your mindset going into the songwriting for the new album?
Very simply to have fun and to write some cool interesting stuff. We also wanted to push ourselves to write stuff that we had never attempted before. Jon and I have amazing writing chemistry, so it made things flow right along really well.

Did the less than enthusiastic response among fans for The Unspoken 
King affect your approach for Cryptopsy?
A little, I suppose for some band members. To be honest, for me it was just about playing drums and introducing new techniques to my playing.

Was the songwriting and recording process similar to previous records?
Yes it was, and it's pretty much been that way for the past 20 years. The only time that I have never written with Jon was for The Unspoken King. so this time around it felt very natural again. He presents ideas and we piece them together. Also Chris presented really cool ideas and let me bridge them. There are different paths we take in composing; it's never one set recipe.

How would you describe the sound of Cryptopsy compared to The Unspoken King?
The sound is more natural and more dynamic. We spent a lot of time on the mix and the master to get to that end result. We have been striving for a sound like this for a long time. We also did a lot of tests to make sure that everything was within reason and in its proper place to be heard. 

Why did you decide to release the album yourselves instead of signing with
a label?
I think that Cryptopsy has a big enough international following that with a bit of hard work we could take it on ourselves. We do have great partnerships with Galy Records and Revolution Harmony Records to make this happen. Also decided to team up with Clawhammer PR and they have been doing a killer job! We decided that it was gonna be us to the fans directly. So far, so good!

How does that affect your expectations for the album?
Our expectations remain positive. We hope this album reaches all the people that want it.

What are your upcoming tour plans?
We will be doing local shows before the end of the year and bigger tours in early 2013 in Europe and hopefully the states. We are waiting on interesting offers and great packages.

Is there anywhere you still haven't played live that you'd like to get to?
Oh yeah, lots of places: Indonesia, Africa, South America, China, bring it on!

. You have done a lot of drums clinics. What is it about teaching that you enjoy?
It's hard to describe in words. You just know when someone you're teaching gets it and it somehow changed their approach for the better. It's quite gratifying. Passing on knowledge is just the way things should be.

Give us an update on the upcoming Temple Of Thieves album. For those who
might not be familiar, what style of music does that band play?
I would call it progressive rock/metal. I love the guys in Temple of Thieves, outstanding individuals with great talent. I recorded whats gonna be the second TOT album a few months ago and had an amazing time doing so. Can't wait to hear what the others will add on to it. It's gonna be catchy, technical at times and other times simple and flowing. I'm very pumped about it!

Any other projects you've been working on?
I'm working on new tracks with Nader Sadek and Rune Erickson, so this would be a continuation of sorts of Nader Sadek's In The Flesh. Also have the Digital Doomzday stuff which is just awesome to play, hip hop grooves mixed with extreme metal, just awesome feel!Check it out on Facebook.

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