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Macabre Interview

A Conversation with Vocalist/Guitarist Corporate Death




Willowtip Records
Updated February 18, 2011
Macabre, the Midwest's murder metal mavens return with their first new studio album since 2003. Grim Scary Tales is another dose of mayhem and mirth from the twisted minds of Macabre. Vocalist/guitarist Corporate Death fills us in on the new album and other topics.

Chad Bowar: How come there was an 8 year gap between full-length studio albums?
Corporate Death: After Murder Metal I took a break from writing and reading about killers for my own sanity. Too much of anything isn't good for you. After the break I sat down with my books, notepad and pen and in a couple years wrote lyrics.  I wrote Grim Scary Tales and a lot of part 2, which is coming next year. Most of the music I wrote after the lyrics.

  How did the writing/recording process for Grim Scary Tales compare to previous efforts?
The writing process was the same. I wrote the music and the lyrics then the other guys learned the songs and helped arrange some of the music. The recording process was similar, with a new engineer/producer Geoff Montgomery. Me and him work well together and we will use him in the future.

For those youngsters unfamiliar with all things Macabre, describe the band's lyrical and musical approach.
The musical approach is anything goes except rap, and the lyrical approach is true stories about real killers.  I would call it Murder Music.

What's the lyrical concept for Grim Scary Tales?
It documents the history of murder from the earliest recorded killers in chronological order. Part 2 will finish the timeline.

What are your expectations for the album?
To make sure our fans like it. We have been doing this a long time and people have grown to expect songs that may explore heavy music in a lot of different ways, yet still captures our sound. I think it's our best album yet and shows our progression and versatility, both musically and vocally.

What are your upcoming tour plans?
We plan to tour hitting places we haven’t been in a while to places we may have never been as well as returning to some of our favorite cities that we have played many times over the years. We currently have a European tour planned in April, which sounds like fun!

What's been your most memorable Macabre live show or tour?
The Pungent Stench, Brutal Truth, Macabre tour in 1994. It was a two and a half month European tour with over 70 shows. You don't do them like that anymore.

Where would you like to play live that you haven't made it to yet?
Japan, Russia and South America.  How did you get started in music?
 I saw The Monkees on TV. as a kid and was inspired to play guitar and sing. I was into The Beatles at the time, also. They are my favorite. How did Macabre first form?
We were high school friends that played instruments and played Black Sabbath.

Back then could you have imagined the band would still be around in 2011?
Never even thought about it, but here we are.

Are you still doing Macabre Minstrels acoustic shows?
We might, but the Minstrels shows are very rare.

In doing research for your songwriting, which serial killers/mass murderers have been the most interesting/compelling to you?
 The most gruesome ones like Albert Fish.

Is it true you have met/corresponded with some serial killers?
Sure, our music is based on true crime and we have to do your research in many ways.

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