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Suffocation Interview

A Conversation with Guitarist Guy Marchais




Nuclear Blast Records
Updated February 20, 2013
New York death metal legends Suffocation return with Pinnacle Of Bedlam, their first new album in nearly four years. It also features the return of drummer Dave Culross for the first time since 1998’s Despise The Sun EP. I caught up with guitarist Guy Marchais for the lowdown on Suffocation.

Chad Bowar: What led to drummer Mike Smith’s departure and the return of Dave Culross?
Guy Marchais: Mike has a wife and a daughter and a full time job. Dave lives local and we have always been in touch.

How did your songwriting and recording process for Pinnacle Of Bedlam compare to the usual Suffocation album?
We wrote the same as always. We just took our time, took longer recording, arranging and mixing.

Frank and Terrance had recorded with Dave before, but the rest of you had not. How long did it take for everything to gel?
Both Derek and I had jammed with Dave in the past and recording with him was very easy and smooth.

What will you remember most about the recording of this album?
Everything because Tommy (the studio) was there filming everything! But mostly just how relaxing it was.

You worked with Joe Cincotta again. What is it about his style that works so well with you guys?
He is our friend, we know his room, he lives close and we trust him, the list goes on.

What did having Zeuss mix and master the album add to the final result?
Zeuss opened it all up, made it wide and full.

What inspired the album title?
Terrance came up with the name, but I would just say all the crap in the world that’s been going on lately.

How was the video shoot for “As Grace Descends”?
Again that was shot by Tommy (the studio). It was fun. We had all our friends and fans there and we had a few drinks, it was like a party!

How important are music videos in 2013?
I’m not sure if they are important at all seeing that MTV doesn’t even play music anymore anyway. (laughs)

What are your upcoming tour plans?
We plan to do the USA, Europe, South America, Asia and some festivals in Europe, too. Let’s see what happens.

Frank has said he isn’t able to tour as much anymore. Will you cut back on touring, or use a replacement vocalist when he’s not available?
We will do a little of both.

Social media like Facebook and Twitter has been a great tool in communicating with fans and getting the word out. But has that translated into anything tangible for the band, like increased sales, higher concert attendance, etc.?
We will see when we get back out on the road. I haven’t really noticed it.

Could you have ever imagined back in 1988 that Suffocation would still be around 25 years later?
Well that was the dream, but no. I couldn’t even imagine me being this old!

You were recently inducted into the Long Island Music Hall Of Fame. What was your reaction when you found out, and how was the ceremony?
Very humbled. There are a lot of HUGE names in there! The ceremony was kind of cool. For a minute we felt like stars. (laughs)

Anything else you’d like to mention or promote?
Support the scene or we will all go away!

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